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Frequently asked question on Orion Broker

What about latency during orders execution?

A: Orion broker provides minimal (if any) delay in order execution. Most of the time is spent on order execution on the external exchange. This is possible due to the fact that broker software creates "opposite" order (and records it in the blockchain) only upon successful execution on external exchange. Thus, the trader always trades at the most recent prices and gets the best order execution (both market and limit).

Where to find the current list of trading pairs?

A: Please, refer to our Trading Terminal. We are constantly working on adding new trading pairs and all pairs will be presented in the terminal. So stay tuned!
You can use public api method as well.
It is also worth taking into account that the "Swap" mode allows the trader to trade any combination of available assets (refer to assetToAddress section) in any direction. If the desired pair is missing, 2 orders are created (they will be routed independently).

What if my exchange (or exchanges) doesn't allow to trade with a particular trading pair?

A: If the exchange does not support a trading pair, orders will not be routed via the broker to this exchange. But even if your exchange (or exchanges) occasionally starts to reject orders for a specific pair, don't worry - the order will be immediately re-routed to another exchange or broker. In addition, in the near future, we will add settings to the Orion Broker software, so that the broker can define the desired list of trading pairs himself, turning pairs on and off as he wishes.

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