Orion Protocol


Basic steps

Before you start configuring the freshly installed Orion Broker, please consider the suggested steps below. You will find the details of each step in the following sections.

  1. Make sure you have prerequisites to get started (private keys for exchanges and Ethereum address, tokens balances at Ethereum address).
  2. Start the Orion Broker. Set a strong password and make sure the password is securely and independently backed up.
  3. Set up private key in Orion Broker console for Ethereum broker address (i.e. for address that you wish to use as a broker).
  4. Write an email to broker@orionprotocol.io with your Ethereum address so that we will include you in the list of brokers (this takes 4-5 hours and does not block you from completing further steps). Please note that in no case should you send us private keys and passwords and we will never ask you to do this.
  5. Approve ORN asset for Orion Smart Contract. It allows to transfer ORN tokens between Smart contact and your broker address.
  6. Deposit several ORN tokens to Orion Smart Contract.
  7. Stake some amount of previously deposited ORN tokens. The more you stake - the more orders you'll get as a broker.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for other tokens you want to add. Step 7 is not needed for other tokens, as only ORN tokens can be staked.
  9. Add keys for the exchanges you have chosen.
  10. Everything is almost complete - just wait for your address to be included in white list and start receiving orders. The Orion Broker software would handle everything automatically.

Technical details

Orion Broker uses a command-line interface (CLI) that helps users configure and run the bot, as well as generate logs of the trades performed.

Proceed to the following chapters - they are designed to give you hassle-free start to using Orion Broker quickly and efficiently:

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