Orion Protocol


Orion Broker configuration:

orionAggregatorUrlstringurl to Orion Aggregator, depends of network (see in example)
orionAggregatorPathstring/broker, uri path for broker endpoints (see in example)
orionBlockchainUrlstringurl to Orion Blockchain, depends of network (see in example)
brokerWebServerUrlstringurl for local WebSocket server (see in example)
matcherAddressstringaddress of Orion Blockchain matcher, depends of network (see in example)
privateKeystringencrypted broker's wallet private key, setup via terminal
httpPortnumberport for broker's local http server (see in example)
wsPortnumberport for broker's local ws server (see in example)
passwordHashstringconfig file password hash, setup via terminal
networkstringbroker's network, can be ethereum or binance
productionbooleansetup via terminal
duePeriodSecondsnumberin sec, period after which the broker repair liability over USDTLiabilityThreshold
hardDuePeriodSecondsnumberin sec, period after which the broker repair liability for any amount
liabilityCheckIntervalnumberin sec, liabilities check interval
USDTLiabilityThresholdnumberliability threshold for an asset in USDT, above which liability is repaid in duePeriodSeconds
externalRepayCheckIntervalnumberin sec, interval for checking and repaying borrowed on CEX
feeAssetHoldThresholdnumberheld amount of fee-asset for fee payment (for Binance-exchange)
minBalanceLimitCheckIntervalnumberin sec, interval of check minimum threshold limit
MinBalanceLimitTransferMultipliernumberminimum balance threshold multiplier, for transfer amount calculation
minBalanceLimitsobjectsetting the limits of the minimum threshold balance, by exchanges / assets
complexOrderDeviationToFirstOrdernumberdistribution of deviation in a complex swap for first leg
marginAssetsListobjectlist of marginal assets, by exchanges
exchangesobjectconnected exchanges, setup via terminal
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